In 1974 a group of independent financial advisers came together to share business ideas and best practice. They met in a private dining suite on Hagley Road Birmingham. The room was also a cellar, which is where the Cellar Club gets its name.

Today membership is strictly limited to no more than thirty selected professionals. Each one is passionate about making a real difference in the financial services profession, acting in the best interests of private clients.



Please direct all enquiries to:
t. 0121 212 9212


Current meeting location:
Simpsons Restaurant
20 Highfield Road
Edgbaston B15 3DU

It all started in 1974 when a leading group of financial advisers came together at the Cellar Restaurant in Birmingham, creating a forum to share ideas over fine wine and delicious food. 

At various times during its history, the Cellar Club has been a source of informed opinion to legislators, insurance company chief executives and others. There is little doubt that it has been a useful aid to communication and the understanding of a number of important topics. 

The Cellar Club owes no allegiance to any political party. All members believe passionately that consumer interests are best served by having a strong independent sector of financial advisers.